Why Chatrapati Shivaji Memorial is critized ?

Mumbaikars is all set to construct the tallest Statue of the world.

The tallest Chatrapati Shivaji Memorial or Shivaji SmarakĀ  is around 190 meter in height.


It is not love by all.

Why people are filing petetion for Shivaji Smarak ?

Although it is a proud moment for every Marathas and also for the Indians.

The shivaji memorial, planned to be built within the middle of the arabian sea, off mumbai’s coast, is envisioned to value the country a whopping 3,600 crores Indian rupees.

Numerous bodies and political parties were criticising the government that this kind of large quantity is a sheer waste.

The cash could be used as an alternative be invested in redevelopment tasks among farmers.

How can we forget the drought days in Maharashtra ?

And, now we are all set to thousands litres of water for the construction purpose.

In a state which has seen a horrific increase in the number of farmer suicide in the past two years. The activists need the government to utilize the money for the development of farmers and schools.

The data says that, 3228 farmers committed suicide just in Maharashtra in 2015 which is a hard statistics to ignore.

The congress authorities which changed into in strength for about a decade turned into all-talk however no-do. They started the issue in the time of 2000s but they were not allowed to do so.

They continually said that a memorial could be built for chhatrapati shivaji maharaj.

The BJP, on account that in power, has followed up on the memorial creation and it’s miles in the end coming to fruition.

But, the combat is on between the BJP and shiv sena over claiming credit for this undertaking.

Even as shiv sena claims that they had been those to diligently comply with up, bjp says they may be those to actually call the pictures and are responsible to get it achieved.

The fishermens are disillusioned about the marine loss that could end result from constructing a memorial.

The community, which is ready to lose a primary chew of its livelihood, has been angered.
The livelihood of around lakh fishermen who entirely relies upon at the seabed of Arabian Sea and have no trade source of income additionally are on the verge of destruction.

But jobs and all tourism-associated contracts have been promised to the network by way of the authorities.

As the Shivaji Smarak will attract around 15,000 visitors per day which will increase the tourism in the country.

Environmentalists and green rights activists have been raising their issues for someday now.

They are saying that building a memorial in the sea would hamper the ecology and degrade the surroundings similarly.

As according to the authorities commissioned document, the memorial will improve air pollution levels and congest the south mumbai roads apart from straining the rubbish disposal.

The record additionally said that the venture will also significantly affect the migratory paths of birds and regulate their breeding patterns.

There has also been complaint approximately the price range being higher than the Rs 2,400 crore-price range.

But in the end, it’s a proud moment for the Construction of Shiv smarak in Mumbai.

Jai Bhavani.Jai Shivaji !

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