Why Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is the greatest Maratha of India ?

With the Construction of Shivaji Smarak in Mumbai, we should know why this mahartha deserve this Honor.

The tallest statue ever of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the world.

Shivaji was a secular king.

Shivaji was known to be a secular ruler and never discriminated among Hindus and Muslims.

He had a large number of Muslims in his army. He wanted to overthrow the Mughal rule to create a Maratha empire.

Lots of shivaji’s generals were muslim, who still celebrated in this location, through folk songs and folks stories.

He reputed every religion with out compromising his faith. He usually supported accurate things of hindu faith and opposed awful things.

List of Muslim warriors and their role in Shivaji Maharaja Empire.

  • Daryadarang – Navy Chief.
  • Ibrahim Khan – Artillery Chief.
  • Daulat Khan -Armour Chief.
  • Siddhi Hilal- Muslim chief
  • Kazi Hyder- Secretary.
  • Siddi Ibrahim-Bodyguard of King Shivaji.
  • Madari Mehtar -Shivajis Royal Servant.
  • The strength of the cavalry was 150000, out of which about 66000 troopers were Muslims.

He captured his first fort Tornagad when he was just 16-years-old.

Shivaji was strategical fighter

He was a strategic military commander and established a navy to protect the coastline.

He was first ruler to introduce the navy army.

Shivaji was supporter of Womens.

He was the great supporters of womens.

And protected all the women in his empire. During his rule, there were punishment for people harming the womens in his empire.

Shivaji Maharaj was a very brave warrior and conscious personality.

He escaped an attack by Afzal Khan.

Afzal Khan had called Shivaji for negotiations but he  had planned to kill him.

But Chatrapati Shivaji had worn an armour inside which saved his life.

He also defeated the Shayista Khan who was sent by Aurangzeb to kill all Hindus.

Shivaji was the Father of guerilla warfare tactics to his army.

But, Shivaji was imprisoned by Mughal king Aurangzeb and lost many of his forts.

But Shivaji Maharaj fought back to get his empire.

When Shivaji was only 15 he bribed Inayat Khan. He bribed many people to get fort without war and increase his Maratha Empire.

He went on conquering by various strategies to capture many significant forts in the 17th century.

He also built around around 20 forts.

At the very young age he started to build his own empire.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj introduced Swarajya.

Maharashtra for a huge component is dry and barren. Sure, it’s far rich and rich now, however that is largely because of contemporary agriculture and heavy industrialization.

Lower back inside the medieval instances when neither existed, the location was in large part terrible, with a huge population of terrible and marginal farmers, small-time artisans and warring sardars who served below surrounding muslims rulers.

Maximum of the prosperity of the devagiri empire became destroyed by the muslim rulers, and the vicinity become reduced to a state of utter poverty and hopelessness.

It became in these times that shivaji pulled up the people and infused energy and self-appreciate in them.

He stepped forward social and financial conditions in his small country and placed them back on the route to prosperity.

Shivaji gave them the confidence for Swarajya, self-rule, and told them that it was the fine and most effective manner to obtain and keep prosperity and development.

He conquered over the strongest Mugal empire by defeating them.

When Shivaji Maharaj defeated Mughals in the battle of Salher 1672.

It was the first time that a Hindu king defeated a Muslim King in an open battle!

This great personality was a tough leader to be fought upon.

That’s why, it’s a proud thing for Mahartha to get their king Chatrapati Shivaji statue as a respect in Mumbai.

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