Life story of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Chatrapati shivaji turned into the famous maratha king who had the utmost braveness to face in opposition to the widespread ocean of mughal rule, single-handedly.

Even though his unique name changed into shivaji bhosle, his topics lovingly gave him the name of ‘chatrapati’ or the ‘leader of the kshatriyas’ for his undaunted capacity to guard all of them.

Born on 19th february 1680 on the shivneri fort to a valiant maratha regent shahaji raje and a committed mom jijabai, shivaji was a descendent of the 96 maratha clans who have been well referred to as courageous warring parties or ‘kshatriyas’.

Let’s discuss the life story of this great Indian Maratha.


Full Name -Shivaji Bhosale

Born -February 19 at Shivneri Fort near Pune (India)

Died – April 3, 1680 at Raigad Fort, Pune

Era of Kingdom– 1674-1680 CE


Father – Shahaji Bhosale


Step-brother: Ekoji I

Sons: Sambhaji Bhosale, Rajaram Bhosale

Daughters: Sakhubai Nimbalkar, Ranubai Jadhav, Ambikabai Mahadik, Rajkumaribai Shirke.

Wives: Soyarabai, Putalabai, Sakvarbai, Kashibai


As stated by means of tarikh-i-shivaji, shivaji was trained by dadoji konddeo, a relied on friend. Shivaji quickly became an excellent warrior in addition to a professional horse-rider.

Shivaji was also trained in martial arts by using kanhoji jedhe and baji pasalkar, the military commanders. He learnt fighting with swords by means of gomaji naik pansambal.

Fight with afzal khan:

In 1659, afzal khan, an skilled and veteran popular, become sent to damage shivaji .

With the intention to drag shivaji to the battleground in which shivaji will be attacked by means of the bijapuri army, afzal khan deconsecrated hindu temples at tuljapur and pandharpur.

However, shivaji requested afzal khan in a letter to meet for negotiation.

In the conflict, afzal khan turned into critically injured by way of shivaji’s navy, followed through an assault at the bijapuris by the hidden army of shivaji.

Shivaji’s  Struggle of pratapgarh:


On november 10, 1659, forces of shivaji defeated the forces of the bijapur sultanate in the battle of pratapgarh.

The bijapur military misplaced greater than 3,000 squaddies. Also, two sons of afzal khan have been imprisioned.

Shivaji’s Struggle of kolhapur:


On december 28, 1659, shivaji attacked the bijapuri forces near kolhapur and defeated them.
Conflict with the mughals after the officers of shivaji raided the mughal territory in march 1657 close to ahmednagar, the struggle among shivaji and the mughals began. Followed by using raids in junnar, all through which shivaji collected three hundred,000 hun in coins and 200 horses. In reaction, aurangzeb sent nasiri khan, who successively defeated the forces of shivaji at ahmednagar.

War of chakan:

The war of chakan, fought between the mughal empire and the maratha empire, occurred in 1660. Aurangzeb ordered shaista khan to attack shivaji together with his navy of a hundred and fifty,000. At the give up, pune and the fort of chakan were captured by means of the mughals.

However, later the marathas have been able to re-capture the castle, and shaista khan back to agra.
Treaty of purandar (1665) on june eleven, 1665, the treaty of purandar was signed between the rajput ruler jai singh i, the commander of the mughal empire, and chhatrapati shivaji maharaj. Jai singh circumvented the purandar fortress and shivaji had to sign an settlement.
Arrest in agra and get away in 1666, shivaji was invited to agra by means of aurangzeb. Aurangzeb wanted shivaji to go to kandahar to consolidate the northwestern frontier of mughal empire.

However, shivaji felt humiliated and left the courtroom. As a result shivaji turned into arrested. Shivaji deliberate his get away as he came to understand that aurangzeb had planned to get him killed.

Conflict of nesari:

In 1674, prataprao gujar, the then commander-in-leader of the marathas, defeated the adilshahi fashionable bahlol khan and his forces in the war. Prataprao’s forces had reduce off their water supply, due to which bahlol khan decided to do so for peace. Later, prataprao released bahlol khan despite shivaji’s warnings.

Conquest in southern india:

In 1674, the marathas raided khandesh in october, captured bijapuri phonda in april 1675, karwar in mid-yr, and kolhapur in july. In november, a combat took place between the maratha navy and the siddis of janjira. In early 1676, peshwa pingale battled in opposition to the raja of ramnagar. In march 1676, athani became raided by way of shivaji and later in the 12 months belgaum and vayem rayim had been additionally besieged by way of him. At the stop of 1676, the adilshahi forts at vellore and gingee were captured by shivaji.

Dying and succession:

Shivaji died around april 5, 1680 on the age of fifty two due to fever and dysentery. Quickly after his loss of life, numerous rumours observed about the cause of his dying. On the one hand, the muslims held the opinoin that shivaji had died of a curse from jan muhammad of jalna, whereas some marathas believed that soyarabai, his second spouse, had killed him by giving him poison as she wanted rajaram, her 10-year-old son, to be enthroned.


By the time his career turned into about to descend, shivaji had captured 360 forts, such as the critical forts at kondana (sinhagad), torana, murambdev, and purandar. A few new forts have been additionally constructed through shivaji.

Military of Chatrapati Shivaji:


With the intention to protect the lands and sea change from the british, abyssinians, pirates, arabs and portuguese and shivaji uilt a strong naval pressure. He additionally built a number of sea forts and bases for the cause of storage and safe haven.


This is the life story of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

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